LPA Receivership

A complete and tailored service for achieving the best outcome for lenders, customers, as well as their tenants

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Templeton LPA Receivership 

The Templeton LPA division of LSL works closely with the Corporate Client Department

Templeton LPA was formed in 2008 to provide LPA receiver services specifically on behalf of mortgage lenders. Templeton LPA is a market leader with over 30 years combined management experience in the field of both residential and commercial receivership.

With extensive experience and a supplier base second to none, Templeton LPA is able to provide a complete, tailor-made service specifically designed for the needs of the mortgage lender sector. Accreditations in ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 provide assurance in all aspects of compliance for its clients.

In cases where a default has occurred on a mortgage or a loan, it can be difficult to find a balance in protecting the interests of the lender, whilst at the same time being fair to tenants and also helping the customer to find the right solution. Templeton LPA believes it has found the right balance for solutions to both residential and commercial properties.

Templeton LPA has developed the necessary guidelines to follow in line with FCA and GDPR rules, appreciating that each case requires a detailed, individual approach to find the best solution for everyone. The wealth of experience gained over the years means that Templeton LPA is capable of handling all manner of delicate situations, from sensitive property management issues to dealing with difficult negotiations, whilst at the same time keeping everyone well-informed and advised.

For more information about Templeton LPA, contact one of their experienced team to discuss how they can help you.