LSL Corporate Client Department


A highly experienced manager of property assets,
from the initial instruction to completion of the sale.

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Repossessions for property managers and developers 

At LSL CCD we offer a highly effective service that is designed to assist both lenders and servicers in managing property sales from the point of repossession right through to completion of the sale. We appreciate that each client may need a different level of support and information, which is why our teams are on hand at every step to help through the stages.

The principle of treating customers fairly is at the heart of everything we do and is key to the decisions we make on every property.


Our dedicated Pre-possession team handles the initial stages, including:

  • Engaging trusted and reliable contractors from our panel to undertake all the processes such as changing the locks, draining water systems, turning off the services, along with cleaning, clearing and any maintenance.
  • Organising valuations that provide the established value of the property.
  • With an extensive database and widespread experience of agents nationally, the Pre-possession team will select the best agent for each case.


Once the property has come into possession, our teams of Post-possession case handlers will deal with the next stages, which will involve:

  • Case & Client Ownership – this means the case handler will manage a case from start to finish and be fully versed in the requirements, visions & values of the client.
  • Updates – regular updates about progress on the sale are obtained from the agents and this in turn needs to be communicated to the client along with any necessary recommendations.
  • Driving the Agent – to obtain the best possible price in the shortest possible timeframe so customers and clients can gain as much as they can from the sale.

Specialist property repossesion services

LSL CCD also offers other bespoke services for Clients, including:

  • Assisted Voluntary Sales for end of term or arrears cases where customers are helped to sell their properties to save them going down the route of repossession.
  • Portfolio Sales to help investors dispose of any number of properties within their portfolios.
  • High Value Sales that often need a different marketing approach to the average home..