LSL Corporate Client Department

LSL Corporate Client Department

A dedicated property asset management service.

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Working together to provide, a dedicated property asset management service, for property owners.

What do we do....

LSL Corporate Client Department (LSL CCD) is an all-encompassing asset recovery solution, highly experienced in the careful recovery of property assets on behalf of its clients. We take the approach that no size fits all and that each client has its own individual needs & requirements, for which we will tailor our service accordingly.

Working together to provide a dedicated service for Clients...

LSL Corporate Client Department works closely with its sister company, Templeton LPA, to provide support on all recovery activities by mitigating risk and driving performance across both residential & commercial portfolios.

We provide a complete, end-to-end service to a wide range of clients including Banks, Building Societies, Servicers, Corporate Landlords, Developers, Fund Managers, Law Firms and Offshore Trusts.